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If you want to secure the new before its October 8th release date, now’s your chance. In the US, pre-orders will open at 3PM ET today and we’re already seeing the console listed at , B&H, GameStop and other retailers. 

Buy Switch OLED at Amazon – $350 Buy Switch OLED at Best Buy – $350 Buy Switch OLED at GameStop – $350 Buy Switch OLED at B&H – $350

The newest Switch comes with a larger, 7-inch OLED display, as well as 64GB of internal storage, a redesigned kickstand, “enhanced audio” and a new dock that adds a wired LAN port. Nintendo will offer the $350 console in two colorways at launch: classic neon red and blue, and black and white.

What you won’t find on this version of the Switch is a new chipset. Ahead of the OLED model’s announcement at the start of the month, there were Nintendo planned to include an updated SoC with NVIDIA’s DLSS tech to enable the console to output games at 4K. That didn’t happen, but that’s .

Whether the OLED Switch represents a missed opportunity or not, we expect demand for the console will easily outstrip supply. In May, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa the company was still contending with production issues, and the global semiconductor shortage isn’t expected to end anytime soon. 

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