I’m a Picky Shopper, and These Are My Favorite Fall Dresses

If you can believe it, this fashion editor nearly eight years years is, in fact, quite picky and won’t just wear or buy anything she sees. (In case it’s not coming through on the internet, that was sarcasm.) Of course, I’m picky! I’m obsessed with clothes, shoes, and accessories and look at them on the internet every single day both for my personal gain and for my job. If I wasn’t highly selective, I would be buying way too much, and I definitely wouldn’t be as effective in curating only the best picks for you all.

With that said, today I’m directing my discerning eye at fall dresses. Admittedly, aside from party-ready styles (which don’t feel particularly necessary anymore), I’m not that much of a dress girl myself, but I think that’s only made me even better at picking them out. After all, if I’m willing to trade in my jeans for it, then it’s got to be really good. So, from casual to slightly less casual, see and shop my favorite frocks for the season ahead below.   

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