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New ‘Grand Tour’ special to feature winning combo of 1970s Land Yachts and Scotland

You intrigued me with “1970s Land Yachts” and sealed the deal with “driving through Scotland.” That would sum up the latest special coming from ‘The Grand Tour’ starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, to be released July 30 on Amazon Prime Video. Dubbed “Lochdown,” it’s the first feature since “A Massive Hunt” was released back in December 2020.

The hosts have since been busy with other projects, also released on Amazon Prime, including James May’s delightful “Oh Cook!” cookery show, Jeremy Clarkson’s recent “Clarkson’s Farm,” and Richard Hammond’s “The Great Escapists” that co-starred Tory Belleci from “Mythbusters” (it was terribly disappointing, I didn’t get past the first episode). 

As someone who is half Scottish and fully amused by 1970s Land Yachts, I’m completely on board with the premise. Quite jealous, in fact. That the “Top GearGrand Tour” guys haven’t more frequently tapped into the Land Yacht well more often is surprising considering they are inherently pretty amusing. But hey, at least it seems they’re returning to their tried-and-true staple of making fun of British caravanning. Some of the finest “Top Gear” moments came with them towing caravans, creating their own caravans and turning caravans into train cars.

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